going to space...
Twyla is now up at my shop! :D
She has now found a new home~

Just finished up a really cute Coffin Bean Twyla. She’s got to be my new favorite of them all.

I’m trying to work on one doll a week, I was a little late with this one (wanted to get her done by Friday), but hopefully I’ll be on time with the next one :)

I’ll snap some more pictures of her with her hair all dried and her outfit on tomorrow. She’ll be up at my shop tomorrow between 3pm - 4pm EST.

I call it The Nitori :O

Draculaura is now available on my Etsy! 
She’s sold! I am so grateful ; A;
(Clawdeen and Jane are reserved dolls, but I will be painting a new batch of girls next week to make up for the few dolls available this time ^^)

erenjagermeister asked: Sorry if you've answered this before, but how do you get such amazingly smooth gradients in your dolls' eyes? They're gorgeous.

Hi there :)

I use at least three colors and layer them each with a coat of sealant. You shouldn’t try too much to get the gradient effect all on one layer of sealant.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything repaint related :O But I’m finally getting somewhere with these girls after a bunch of excuses got in the way. They’ll be done tonight, although I’m not sure if I can photograph them nicely until tomorrow. 
Also, I made it to 500 followers, which is a lot for me so I would like to sincerely say thank you! ; u; I’m really bad at networking or submitting anything art related to any shows/events that take place locally, so knowing my presence online is noticed by you guys really makes my world <3 Thanks again!
Onetigerlilly’s Clawdia and Meltar’s Abbey I worked on a long while back :) It’s my first Clawdia and I haven’t painted Abbey in a little while so I asked permission to share them~
Next group of girls! I just finished wrapping them up so they’re ready to paint :)
Cutie pie Mulan also available on my Etsy!
Now available with more photos on my Etsy!