going to space...
Onetigerlilly’s Clawdia and Meltar’s Abbey I worked on a long while back :) It’s my first Clawdia and I haven’t painted Abbey in a little while so I asked permission to share them~
Next group of girls! I just finished wrapping them up so they’re ready to paint :)
Cutie pie Mulan also available on my Etsy!
Now available with more photos on my Etsy! 

Madeline Hatter for OneTigerLilly!

Got some new glitter, so her eyelids are really sparkly C:

Materials List by Amber-Honey on deviantART


Amber-Honey has a fantastic list of materials put together here!

Oh yeah! Never uploaded my updated materials list here :D Also check out this blog for other great doll customizing resources~

On etsy :)