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Cutie pie Mulan also available on my Etsy!
Now available with more photos on my Etsy! 

Madeline Hatter for OneTigerLilly!

Got some new glitter, so her eyelids are really sparkly C:

Materials List by Amber-Honey on deviantART


Amber-Honey has a fantastic list of materials put together here!

Oh yeah! Never uploaded my updated materials list here :D Also check out this blog for other great doll customizing resources~

On etsy :)



Abbey Abominable Scaris. Faceup by the amazing AmberHoney.

This is her part of the trade, my part was a pic I previously posted, you can see here. I’m so grateful she asked! In addition she sent me a MH coffin locker I’d no idea it existed, the jacket that is from an outfit set and delicious japanese candy-bonbon, so yummy! I cant stop staring at this doll, it’s so perfect, for better pictures be sure to check her tumblr.

I can’t wait to draw this doll and character! But it’s time to do grown up things like design this slime boy I’m having trouble to (you can see a char I have designed for the Monster Anthology Book on the back of the pics btw) and figure a work schedule because I’m probably squeezing commissions as soon as…tomorrow? probably 5 slots…yeah.

Same Abbey with different lightning, I’m not a photographer and I’m using a 8mpx cellphone camera so, yeah, bare with me ;)

I love how small the internet is. :,3 I’m looking at two of my favorite artists (in different mediums) intersecting and it’s making me feel all happy.

(Oh gosh, no way, whatttttt! I feel so bashful right now ; O; Thanks Chien, you’re seriously one of my fav face-up artists/artists in general)

Glad you received her safely, Gunkiss!!! C:

Available at my etsy, with more photos, too!